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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  March 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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looks can be deceiving. why this woman known as the internet black widow is still dangerous. a lakewood woman is fighting to keep her pet alligator. we're going to show you why her cold blooded pet might be taken away. good evening, i'm stacy shavele. >> i'm keith cate. five people have been taken into custody after a string of several counties. the bandits were on the run for several days in a stolen jeep. paul meek is live in lake wells, where deputies finally zeroed in on their whereabouts and they shut them down. >> reporter: they certainly did keith. they just cleared the scene a short timing a now.
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here where cops had cornered that jeep. inside, fourur adults, one minor, and all of them questitioned at the lake wales police department. crime scene tape surrounds the stolen jeep cherokeeee that cops had been searching for. the stolen vehicle that tied all of the caseses together. >> he grabbed my lilittle clutch purse e and ran. >> reporter: robbed in a publix parking lot this afternoooon. >> you don't think anyone can see you that far down, but they cacan. >> reporter: that makes nine victims in the lastst week. that includes cathy. she's too afafraid to show her face, she was robbed at this winter haven wal-mart. >> i i keep reliving it. it's like a daily occurrence. i'm continuing to say hey, i got robbed. >> reporter: now in cathy's case, she had just gottenen her groceries. was putting them in the back of
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the truck pulllled up frfrom behind her, the guy got out, took her r purse, then he took off. >> reporter: then a 71-year-old woman later taken to the hospital. a crime spree started a week ago, they took place in shopping centerer parking lots, just like with this last victim, but she says she feels sorry for them. >> he seemed like such a nice young man, and i'm so sorry that he did that. he's on the wrong track. > reporter: right now, investigators from several different agencies are interviewing those suspects, and investigators from several different agencies aren't even here yet. it looks like it's going to be a long night ahead for them. right now, keith, no word on any charges. >> paul mueller live in lake wells, thank you. police in two nations are calling this woman an internet black widow. melissa frederick is 80 years old.
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use as wheelchair to get around. but looks can be deceiving. she spent her life torments her friends and lovers, sometimes with fatal consequences. >> reporter: we firsrst encountered melissa frederick 11 years ago, after she spiked the ice cream of her pinellas park boyfriend and stole his money. now she has earned every bit of her nickname, the internet black widow. she didn't look dangerous, as she e was whwheelchaired to a nova scotia parole hearing this week. but don't let that fool you. >> we believe she's a significant risk to the public. >> she contacted d me on the internet. >> reporter: melissa met alex on an internet datingng site 1111 years ago, and moved in with him after theieir first date. >> she was caring for you?
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>> reporter: amp eight trips to -- after eight trips to the hospital. discovered melissa was spiking alex's ice cream with tranquilizers. >> is he lucky to be alive? >> yeah, he is, very much so. >> reporter: she used the same drug on stragos that she used to killll her husband in canada. >> she had something that attracting individuals to her. personality, her look. then she turns on them. and in the end, they're either a victim of either a theft, or ultimately could end up dead. >> reporter: frederick spent four years in a flflorida prison for exploiting stratagos and nearly killed her next husband. it happened at this b and b. >> when you heard about her latest husband, what went
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>> well, what's new? >> reporter: two years after nearly killing husband number four, the internetet black widow is a about to go free again. >> do you regret the day that >> no, no. >> why not? alone. >> reporter: melissa frederick k found a lot of lonely men to work her wiles on. one of them was her third husband, robert frederick. he died under suspicious circumstances in 2002, after making melissa the sole beneficiary of his sizable estate, stacy. >> hard to believe. how does she keep getting out of prison after all the things she's done? >> that wouldn't happepen in florida a where she would d be considereded a career criminal, but the rules are different in cacanada. she might go free as early as friday, even though prosecutors there still believe she's a dangerous woman. >> it sounds like it.
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tonight, in the fight for your vote, fox is canceling their upcoming republican debate in salt lake city. donald trump withdrawing because of a speaking engagement. pulled out. are the three remaining white hohouse. one day after marco rubio suspended his race for the white house, there are questions about his political future. he lost in all but one county in florida. william marst says it could haunt rubio for some time. also, there aren't too many opportunities for rubio to run for office right now. >> a lot of supporters are talking about him for governor in 2018, the problem he would run in there is allen putnam, who will be a very strong candidate.
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not run for reelection to his senate seat. even though bernie sanders lost to hillary clinton in all five races, he is staying in the race, but clinton is already looking to the general election. >> we have come a long way in 10 months. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination, and winning this election in november. >> reporter: the democratic party's next debate is scheduled for next month in a yet to be determined city. new video tonight. this is one wiwild ride. a car caught on camera, flipping and catching fire. police tell us, it was stolen during a carjacking and melanie michael joins us in polk county tonight. >> talk about a crazy y scene. that footage is wild. good evening to you from lakeland. i want to show you exactly just how forcefully the car came down on impact. look at this. check it out. it split this concrete in half, and then launched agagain.
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this ride is one for the record books. watch this car out of control. it flips over and over again, then ignites. the driver, caught in a crime, on a high speed chase. look at all the lights from cop cars. here's another angle where you can see exactly how the car launched before crashing down. what's even crazier than the video itself? the guys inside survived. >> i've probably watched that video about 8 times before idecided to put it on facebook and youtube. >> reporter: henry coker was born in lakeland and runs a nearby business. in f fact, it was his surveillance video that recorded the ruckus. >> that guy must have been going 65, 70 miles per hour, because it launched. he was a sold 6 or 7 feet in the air. >> reporter: who was behind the wheel? turns out two teenagers, and the car they were driving was
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polk county sheriff greg judd, and both teens have criminal records. at the end of this surveillance saga, what happens next? the two men that were in that car are still in the hospital tonight, when they get out, they'll have anotheher joyride of sorts, but the ending is not one they want. the polk county jail. detectives are still trying to narrow down one detail. are the teens the same ones that stole it inin a a carjacking? if so they could face even more serious charges. the flames have damaged cars and a nearby fence. arson n investigators think the firebug lives in the area and mamay geget some kind of thrill watching the flames and the fire crews put them out. they're hoping someone recognizes him from the video, so they can make an arrest. president obama wants
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judge merrick garland to be on the supreme court. he would replace antonin scalia who died last month. garland, a former federal prosecutor is promising to rise above partisanship. >> people must be confident that a judge's decisions are determined by the law and only the law. from president obama says judge garland will be on capitol hill, meeting with lawmakers one-on-one tomorrow. new footage, capturing a brazen escape by two convicts. >> coming up nenext, from scaling helicopter. we have morere of this video you have to see to believe. >> plus a polk county woman is fighting to keep her pet alligator. give him up. and here's a look at what's tonight. >> thank you everyone in tampa
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i have lost control of the show. >> 81 degrees for the temperature. a nice warm one around the region. fog is a problem as well as
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(vo) making the most out o of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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the music industry mourning the loss of frank sinatra jr. tonight. he died of a massive heart attack in daytona beach. he was supposed to perform a concert there this evening, but canceled because he wasn't feeling well. he was also scheduled to perform tomorrow night in st. petersburg. wewe have some incredible video of a dramatic prison break in canada tonight. it happened three years ago, but we're just now getting a look at this daring and bold escape. >> this video was made public
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you can see two convicts, desperately trying to climb a rope, dangling from a hijacked helicopter sitting on the prison's roof. the video shows just how difficult and sometimes awkward it was.s. both of them struruggled to pull themselves up to where the helicopterer was waiting. despite help from someone up top, they never make it up there. eventually, after a couple of tries, the chopper takes off, with the two inmates clinging to a rope. >> a few hours later, police arrested those e two men. the videos being released at this time, because one of the inmates who escaped is now on trial. wait until you hear this story, it's about a lakeland woman in a very unique fight to keep her pet alligator. you heard me right, her pet alligator. his name is rambo, and she's had him for 10 years. the problem is, he's getting too big now. jen holloway with details on
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this is a crazy story. >> reporter: never thought i'd cover one like this. here in florida, it's certainly not t unusual to see a gater in a retension pond, or even a lake at a golf course. but not in gator, rambo. he has his own room and even has a personal pool where he swims daily.y. he's by no means your average flororida gator. >> he sits on the couch. he knows how to work the remote, so he's just a house gator. >> reporter: his name? rambo. he belongs to mary thorn who considers this 125-pound reptile her friend. he has his own wading pool for when he wants to take a dip. >> he likes to dress. and see this, he's got my hair. that's because he doesn't want me to take him off my shoulder,
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>> reporter: she got a license e for rambo 11 years ago, when she rescued him. now rambo is more than 6 feet long. that is where the problem comes into play. to keep a gator this size, florida wildlife cold requires 2.5 acres of property, something mary don't have. recently, an inspector realized the problem during a routine visit. >> how tall is he? i don't know, he's getting pretty big, so we measured him. that's where it started. >> reporter: we spoke with an alligator expert who insists living like this is not healthy for the gator. even mary admits, he's not used to being on his own in florida's natural habitat. she claims he's even sensitive to direct sunlight. >> you see how weak he is. if he leaves me, i'm afraid he's going to pass away. >> reporter: she's certainly close with that gator mary says she hopes the florida wildlife
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to stay in her care. they're looking at a number of story. so we'll see what happens. >> jen, hob the concern that we had earlier, talking about, what if rambo bites somebody? >> reporter: what if he bites his owner? that could happen as well. but the trapper we talked to was basically concerned because rambo is a wild animal. you can't control him, and you never know. mary insists he's never bit anybody so far. >> she makes him look like a lap animal, but you just never know. well just in time for st. patrick's day. some nice weather for us. certainly, some warm weather for us. 81degrees our high temperature today. lots of humidity in the atmosphere. lots of fog along coastal areas. inland fog, already visibility is dropping in many areas.
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81degrees for the high at 3:00 p.m. they'll be dying the river green come wednesday. we did see high clouds streaking across the area today. the rain chances will actually increase this weekend for friday at 30%, by saturday with a cold front settling in, and an area of low pressure traveling across the area. our best chance of rain, then kind of tapering off the early part of sunday. still a possibilility of a few clouds remains in the forecast. temperatures near 70 degrees overnight. very high humidity remains in the area, which is why we're talking about fastball, and have been the past couple of days. temperatures reaching near 80 degrees again tomorrow. temps have not cooled down too much. we are lookining at the higher humidity in the atmosphere. low 70s remain across the region. the dew points are also round that number. 60s and 70s. got a cold front to the north of us. a warm front here as well. high pressure helping to bring in a west anand southwesterly breeze. that's a warm flow for us as
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that's helping to lift our humidity around the region, and our temperature, some high clouds streaking from west to east across the area. our p.m. forecast says the possibility of fog forming. that's around 8:10 a.m. including the possibility, doesn't show itit as well, as sea fog for the regions. sometimes the fog stayays on the coast all day long. we hope that's not going to happen tomorrow, but it could in some regions, especially since its spring break. but st. patrick's day in generaral should be very nice and very warm. rain chances increase a little bit. probably a few more clouds as this cold front settles in. as we get into sasaturday, especially early morning hours, ththe possibility of showers existing, maybe even some thunderstorms. this area of low pressure traveling along that boundary, eventually will clear us off to the east. as it does, it will help to
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air as we get into next week. we know for sure the pollen is high here, thursday, friday, and saturdays. 70degrees for the morning. areas of sea fog, this includes the inlandnd areas as well. 81 in the afternoon. that's what we had today with a mix of sunshine and clouds. as i mentioned, coastal areas could be dealing with some form of sea fog for quite sosome time. temperatures 81 degrees for a high temperature. upper 70s for friday. temperatures do cool dodown eventually, but note the 60% rain chance fofor saturday on and off. i know a lot going on, including the mcdeal air fest, and many other things. 73degrees there for the first day of spring on sunday. a little cooler for monday and tuesday. that will be kind of refreshing. a day or so of cool air, then we bounce back again. >> we had a guest in from ththe air fest on the 4:4:00 yesterday. don't bring your drones. $25,000 fine if you're caught
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>> a bad mistake. >> but there'e's stuff going on at sebring. you'll hear from last year's winner coming up. >> and major league baseball says play ball. the rays look ahead to their
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the tampa bay rays were off today for the first time since spring training began. the club has another day off, if you count a day in tuesday as a day off. the rays will face the cuban nationalal team. major league baseball shipped over 60 tons of clay and equipment to ensure the nearly
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tip top shape. mlb officials say it's ready for action. >> the field is not quite up to that's okay. again, it's about the event. we just want to mamake sure the field is safe. >> the event has a different ballgame park. we've made some great progress. in 1937, the fair labor standards act made the eight hour work day common practice in the united states. this evening at the sebring national raceway, that law does not apply.y. some of the best drivers in the world will hit the track. among them, last year's winner, christian finipaldi, making his debut in 2014.
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the 24 hours of daytona, 24 hours of le mans, yet he says sebring stands above the left. >> there's a lot of bumps. it's really rough. pretty intense and a big effort from everyone in order to try and attempt to win. sebring is, i would say, probably the hardest race of the year. finally, it's that time of year. yeah, time for ncaa tournament prod cast restrictions. even though both of tonight's games are over, i can't show you highlights, because cbs says i can't until after 11:30. holy cross won n a a sloppy 59-55 victory over the jaguars.s. they will play top seeded oregon friday. and michigan is momoving and the big bracket.
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sloppy battle with the tulsa hurricanes, 67-62. always good to see the alma mater moving on, keith even though they played terrible tonight. >> so you're a wolverine. >> they shoot more three-e- points. they don't necessarily make them. >> excited for that. >> we'll get back to you in a minute. >> we'll be right back with
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your winning lottery no, mama'ams tonight. 084, tonighght's fantasy five, 36, 28, 27, 30, 13. >> steve, i know you love the fog, so you've ordered up some more for tomorrow. >> not really, low visibilities lead toto it. we're seeing some of it now. but not too bad really around most of the area. seeing decent visibilities around most of ththe areas. heads up along the coastal areas, take it easy, low beams, take it slow. we might have some of that
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to get rid of it in some areas. a warm day overall. we have 81. and especially saturday. >> humumidity is coming back. >> thanks for joining us. jimmy fallon coming up next. our next newscast is at 4:00 a.m.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the

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